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Hosted / Cloud based PBX

Companies often are faced with the dilemma of whether to implement a hosted telephone system or premised based system. Communications Unlimited, Inc. will help assess what choice is best suited for your organization.

Hosted solutions come in many flavors and offer different feature sets and levels of reliability. We have seen many organizations move to hosted only to run back to their premised based solution. This is usually because they made an uninformed decision. Communications Unlimited, Inc. offers Cloud based telephone solutions that are not only economical but reliable.

Some important things to consider when selecting a hosted solution:

  • Do you have the infrastructure and equipment in place to support voice over your internal network?
  • Do you have the Internet bandwidth to support a hosted solution?
  • Is the proper equipment in place to provide QOS?
  • Does the hosted solution provide guaranty service level agreements (Five 9s Reliability)?
  • Does the hosted solution have proactive automatic failover and disaster recovery in place in the case of an outage?

Communications Unlimited, Inc. offers many finance options, some with little or no upfront cost, including leasing or renting with monthly payments.

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