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VoIP is a technology that allows telephone calls to be made over computer networks and the Internet. This capability opens a new world of features and applications.

VoIP phone systems can be simple or feature rich. IP phone systems can utilize wireless applications, docking stations and proprietary tablet phones to now support Android and Apple IOS operating systems. This technology also allows users to bring their own device. (BYOD).

BYOD allows Mobile phones and tablets to now connect to your communication system giving the user the ultimate Unified Communication (UC) experience.

The size of your company does not mater. IP communication systems can be implemented for small and large operations. Features can be purchased as needed or in all inclusive packages.

UC Applications Include:

  • Innovative application that increases efficiency and productivity
  • Simplified call management through easy-to-use graphical user interfaces
  • User Presence for real-time status and availability of colleagues
  • Instant messaging for quick, real-time conversations
  • Easy capture/upload of profile pictures to be associated with Busy Lamp Field (BLF) and company directory
  • Color customization of main window and instant message window
  • Internet browser access to features through UC Web Client
  • Microsoft® Outlook® calendar integration
  • Simplified call handling for operators and attendants
  • Seamless integration with Contact Center/Automatic Call Distribution applications
  • Quick access and easy management of messages through integration with mail server
  • (VM) Virtual Machine environment support

There are different ways to deploy a VoIP phone system for your company. Depending on the current network infrastructure (equipment and low voltage cable), jumping on the VoIP bandwagon can provide an impressive ROI. Communications Unlimited, Inc. offers a free on-site analysis by a qualified member of our network team to determine if VoIP makes sense for you.

Just as important as the product you choose is the selection of the company that will guide you through the process of implementing a new VoIP PBX Phone System.

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