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Why Choose Us

Communications Unlimited, Inc., is a single source provider and installer of a wide range of VoIP telephone products, structured cabling, networking, security cameras, access control, video conferencing and audio / video services.

With Years of experience, our trained and skilled technical team of experts and in- house support team provide our clients with the best solutions and support 24/7.

Having a fully operational communication system will directly affect the growth of your company. As a full service partner with your communication needs, our advantages include:

  1. Our Services Allow You More Time To Focus On Your Core Business.
  2. We Will Be An Extension Of Your Business.
  3. The Rate Of Your Efficiency Will Increase Through The New Technology.
  4. You will Reduce Downtime By Getting Reliable IT Support.
  5. Your Competitive Edge will surpass other Like Business in Your Field.
  6. You Will Communicate Faster By Increasing The Speed Of Your Information and Ultimately Effect Your Bottom Line.
  7. Speeds The Ability In The Decision Making Process.
  8. The New Technology Will Increase Participation and Influence The Way People Interact Within Your Organization.
  9. Your Operating Costs Will Reduce And Allow You To Invest In Other Areas of Your Business.

We look forward to working with you on your next project. Please call (401)737-0800 or contact our company so we may meet with your team to better understand your needs and provide a detailed proposal.